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Massira is a story driven, puzzle adventure game with a lowpoly style, where you will live the story of Numi and Yara, two Syrian refugees who make a trip to Europe. Inspired by facts and real experiences, you will face different problems from the fantasy perspective of the little protagonist.

Oriented to a sensitive audience and with a taste for games with social backgrounds, you can discover the hidden reality behind the fantasy while you enjoy as a child thanks to the careful artistic style.

With this project we hope to awaken the player’s empathy for the hardship that refugees are currently experiencing.

Now available for PlayStation 4: https://store.playstation.com/es-es/product/EP5099-CUSA14220_00-MASSIRA123456789

A demo is also available: https://store.playstation.com/es-es/product/EP5099-CUSA14263_00-MASSIRADEMO12345

PC launch in the near future.

Main features

– Story with a social background.
– Unique artistic style, portraying a world between reality and fantasy.
– Scenarios inspired by the real journey of the refugees.

Our history

Massira is our first project, Frost Monkey is an indie development studio with the motivation to reflect the problems of the actual society, by creating videogames. The studio born in the Master Degree of Videogame Design and Development from Madrid Polytechnic University, at the beginning of 2017. Now we are developing Massira with the collaboration of Playstation Talents, where we got this awards:

Best art award.

– Nominated to best game.

– Nominated to best child game.

We have also attended video games fairs and events, such as Barcelona Games World in October 2017 and November 2018, Indiemad in November 2017 and November 2018, UJI Game Experience in April 2018, GuadaGaming in June 2018, Gamepolis in July 2018 and Madrid Games Week October 2018.



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